Auto and co-aggregation, hydrophobicity and adhesion properties of Lactobacillus plantarum strains isolated from Siahmazgi traditional cheese

Hassan Gandomi; Azra Farhangfar; Afshin Akhondzadeh basti; Ali Misaghi; Negin Noori

Volume 2, Issue 1 , May 2019, Pages 1-5

  Lactobacillus plantarum was the most common species in the microflora of artisanal Siahmazgi white brined cheese with 41.6% occurrence among the total isolated LAB. In this study, the attachment properties of 5 different L. plantarum strains isolated from Siahmazgi traditional cheese were evaluated by ...  Read More

The inhibitory effect of garlic (Allium sativum L.) essential oil nanoliposomes on Shiga-toxin 2 expression in Escherichia coli O157:H7

Ali Zabihi; Afshin Akhondzadeh basti; Ghasem Amoabediny; Akram Sadat Tabatabaee Bafroee; Ali Khanjari; Javad Tavakkoly Bazzaz

Volume 2, Issue 1 , May 2019, Pages 6-11

  Foodborne diseases are considered as one of the main problems of public health. Escherichia coli O157H7 are responsible for major outbreaks of bloody diarrhea and hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) throughout the world. The mortality is originated from the production of a Shiga toxin (Stx) by these bacteria. ...  Read More

The relation of household food security with osteoporosis in 40-50 year non-menopausal women referred to Karaj DEXA center

Maryam Naderi; Ahmadreza Dorosty Motlagh; Abolghassem Djazayery

Volume 2, Issue 1 , May 2019, Pages 12-15

  Osteoporosis is now recognized as a community health problem, and its complications can impose a lot of financial and psychological damage to the community. This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between food insecurity with osteoporosis in 40 to 50-year-old non-menopausal women. In ...  Read More

Incorporation of essential oils (EOs) and nanoparticles (NPs) into active packaging systems in meat and meat products: A review

Mina Kargozari; Hassan Hamedi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , May 2019, Pages 16-30

  Novel concepts of smart/intelligent, active and eco-friendly food packaging systems, are getting much more attention these days. There have been new functionalities ascribed to the packaging, mostly derived from recent consumer's request for organic and clean-label –high-quality products. This ...  Read More

Evaluation and statistical optimization of process variables for xylitol production by Candida kefyr

Fatemeh Hedayati Rad; Anousheh Sharifan

Volume 2, Issue 1 , May 2019, Pages 31-36

  Xylitol is a pentahydroxypentane, which has high functional properties in food and drug industries. Biotechnology method has been investigated to overcome the drawbacks of xylitol chemical manufacturing. The effect of temperature, agitation speed, pH, and xylose concentration variables on xylitol production ...  Read More

The relation between body mass index and emotional intelligence in children

Azam Movahedi; Ariyo Movahedi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , May 2019, Pages 37-41

  Pediatric obesity is going to be one of the major risk factors in our era. It might have adverse effects on all aspects of child’s health. It could affect both physically and mentally and cause emotional suffering as well. It is shown that obesity could decrease cognition, but its relationship ...  Read More

Association of fast food intake and high-grade brain tumors: Primary evidence among a subset of Iranian patients

Fatemeh Karami; Marjan Ghodsi; Mohammad Shahmohammadi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , May 2019, Pages 42-45

  Human brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer induced death owing to the late diagnosis in higher grades and failure to be successfully controlled. Determining the main risk factors toward higher grades of the tumor can dramatically decrease the mortality rate of benign brain tumor patients. The ...  Read More

Effect of low-FODMAP diet on gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with irritable bowel syndrome: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Fatemeh Majzoobi; Fatemeh Radkhouy; Negar Norouzi; Shaghayegh Naziri Monfared; Behnood Abbasi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , May 2019, Pages 46-52

  Irritable bowel syndrome is the most common gastrointestinal functional disorder accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain and changes in intestinal habits. Lack of proper biochemical criteria for diagnosis, as well as a lack of proper understanding of the pathophysiology of this disease, complicates ...  Read More