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Department of Food Science and Technology, Roudehen Branch, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen, Iran


   Frozen yogurt is considered a useful and popular dairy product all over the world. The research was conducted to advance the formulation of strawberry frozen yogurt by chia seed at different concentrations (0 to 3 %). The aim of the present research was to improve nutritional quality and health benefits by frozen yogurt enriched with chia seeds. Initially, fatty acid profile in chia seeds was evaluated, then tests such as physicochemical (pH, acidity, fat, and protein content), colorimetric (L*, a* and b*), antioxidant, microbial counts, viscosity, melting rate, and overrun as well as sensory were analyzed on frozen yogurts during 21 days. Finally, the fatty acid profile in frozen yogurts was investigated on optimal and control samples. The results illustrated that 83.73 ± 0.3 of chia seed oil included polyunsaturated fatty acids. The results of physicochemical assays for frozen yogurt represented that treated samples had lower pH and higher acidity, fat, and protein compared to control. Chia improved textural (overrun, viscosity, melting rate) and antioxidant features of frozen yogurts as well as L* decreased. Enrichment had no significant effects on lactic acid bacteria counts. chia addition showed no significant influence on flavor and generally lacked in odor even in the highest amount. According to all results, the sample with 2 % chia was the most appropriate and improved polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3. Chia addition can be highlighted as a functional composition.


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