Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Horticulture Science, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Horticultural Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran

3 Department of Horticultural Sciences, Saveh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Saveh, Iran


Currently in order to develop healthy foods, the usage of organic fertilizers has received more consideration as a suitable suggestion for the application of chemical fertilizers. Cucumbers, a fruit in the Cucurbitaceae family, have many uses for salad as a food. This research was carried out to figure out the impact of chicken manure tea and vermicompost on some nutritional traits in cucumber fruit (Cucumis sativus cv. Extreme), in a greenhouse in Iran's Tehran province. The study was factorial in a randomized completely block design with four replications. Treatments were control (without any fertilizer), control with chemical fertilizer (20-20-20), vermicompost in two levels (20 and 30 %), and chicken manure tea (1/4, 1/8, and 1/12). At the end of the grown season, fruits were harvested. Some nutrients traits were measured. Results showed that increasing the amount of chicken manure tea (up to 1/8 v/v) significantly increased trace elements (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Manganese) of cucumber. By enhancement in the content of chicken manure tea (1/4 v/v), all traits showed the same result as treatment with chemical fertilizer. So, manure fertilizer can be used for the improvement of nutritional value in cucumber cultivation to produce healthy foods.


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